A Guide to Recovering from Fundamentalism

Are you longing to recover a faith that is holistic and healthy but don’t know where to start? This guide is for you! Fr. Shannon Kearns talks about his own fundamentalist upbringing and how he deconstructed and reconstructed a faith that is life-giving. This guide includes steps to take and a list of resources to guide you on your way.

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Inclusive Church Checklist

If you’re looking for ways to make sure your church is inclusive of LGBTQ people check out this checklist! It’s filled with tips and checks so you can make sure your church is extending a warm welcome.

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Letters of Love

“Letters of Love” is a collection of emails between a transgender man, who grew up in a very conservative church, and his mother. Micah says, “The reason I’ve chosen to put these together and share them with others is simple- I think they are a great example of the way this conversation can take place with a lot of genuine love, even when the people involved are coming from very different places.” We hope they are an inspiration and a comfort to you, as well as a guide in your own journey

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Homosexuality & the Bible: My first time

Homosexuality & the Bible: My First Time

In this video Brian G. Murphy shares the first time he went looking in the Bible for verses about homosexuality. With his beat up NIV Study Bible in hand he talks about the trauma that first time and how he eventually came to a place of wholeness.

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God, the Garden, and Gays

Brian G. Murphy shares a fresh take on the creation story. We’ve all heard the slogan “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” and heard about how the creation narratives prove that marriage is only between a man and a woman. But what if that’s not the whole story?

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What Leviticus Says—and Doesn’t Say—about Homosexuality

The verses from Leviticus have been plastered on protest signs and billboards leading some people to want to rip the book out of the Bible entirely. In this video Brian Murphy shows other ways of reading Leviticus and shares why it’s actually one of his favorite books of the Bible.

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Sanctuary Collective+ Exclusives

An LGBTQ Christian Guide to Self-Care

What is self-care and why do we need it? As LGBTQ people and as Christians, we often receive well-intentioned but ultimately hurtful messages about how we’re supposed to interact with those who don’t recognize the rightness of being LGBTQ. It can be extra hurtful when those people are our family or close friends. An LGBTQ Christian Guide to Self-Care makes the Christian case for self-care and provides actionable tactics to love yourself, and ultimately love those around you—even those who disagree with you—more fully.

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Walking Toward Resurrection

When Fr. Shay was in seminary he was struggling to find meaning in my faith. Then an assignment on the Doubting Thomas narrative changed everything. He saw myself in the Gospel story for the first time and it made him excited about how my queer and transgender experience might deepen Bible reading for me instead of be a detriment. The Transgender Passion Narrative saved his faith.

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Reading Queerly

6 units, with 20 lessons, 15+ videos, reflection questions, downloadable workbooks and resources. A dedicated discussion channel in the Sanctuary Collective community to talk with instructors and other students.

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I wanted to return to a Bible that inspired me, challenged me, and brought me peace—Reading Queerly helped me do that. I found me in the scriptures. I found a call to live my innermost truth out loud. I found the stories of people in the Bible who were a lot like me: sometimes scared; sometimes weary; and looking for a way to be true to their heart and to walking with God. I see the scripture in new ways and continue to read and see the treasures I missed for years.
Jane Brazell


Unit One

Genealogy & Inclusion

Most people skip over the genealogies in the Bible, but in this lesson we dive right in and go deep. What does Jesus’ genealogy have to teach queer and trans people about our lives and families?

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Unit Two

Purity & Disgust

In this lesson we take a look at several healing stories and dig into a primer on the work of Richard Beck, a psychologist who talks about disgust. We also look at the life of Fr. Mychal Judge.

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Unit Three


This lesson is all about Jesus’ temptations in the wilderness. What can we learn from these temptations and how are they still in play in our lives today?

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Unit Four

Coming Out

Coming out can be one of the most monumental moments in the life of a queer or trans person. In this lesson we talk about Jesus’ coming out moment and how it applies to our lives today.

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Unit Five

Crucifixion & Resurrection

What do we, as queer and trans people, do with the crucifixion? In this lesson we talk about the importance of bodies, the process of dying, and what it means to be a people of the resurrection.

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Unit Six

Life After Resurrection

Where do we go from here? When our life has fallen apart and come back together again, what are the next steps? This lesson is all about what comes next.

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Spit & Spirit

A subscription to Spit & Spirit is included in the Sanctuary Collective Community+ membership. If you prefer, you can buy issues individually.

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Spit & Spirit is like a warm blanket, a kiss from a lover, a hug from a friend, and a shove off the plank into a sea of gratitude. It broadens the definitions and labels we place on ourselves in the queer community and I am so glad it exists.
Billy Flood

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