Why should Christians talk about sex?


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In this episode we talk about…

  • Let’s get this started right: sex can be awesome!
  • Questions we get about sex are second only to questions about “is it ok to LGBTQ” here at Queer Theology … we get them almost every single day
  • In order to be your full, authentic self, you need to have a healthy relationship with your sexuality—whatever it is!
  • How Brian figuring out he was queer was wrapped up in sexual desire
  • Conservative churches have all sorts of rules about sex, we’re NOT going to tell you what to do or not to do, instead we’re going to give you tools for discerning what is right for you, your body, and your faith
  • Shame. We talk about shame (and what to do about it) a lot in this episode
  • All people—not just queer people—have been exposed to shame-based messages about sex … we need to change that
  • Shay’s article on sex and shame 
  • The first step in forming a faithful sexuality is working through shame
  • Proof-texting is wrong … don’t listen to it, and we’re not going to do it
  • Here are some of the varied things “the Bible says” about sex that Brian referenced
  • We’re hosting a live online workshop to talk about faithful sexuality, how to develop a faith-based sexual ethic, different types of sexual and romantic sexual expressions, and answers to your questions. Register at queertheology.com/sextalk
  • We’re having in-depth discussion about sex with LGBTQ+ and allied Christians around the world inside of Sanctuary Collective, we’d love to see you there…
  • … AND, after the online workshop, we’re having a Google Hangouts video discussion /slash/ “after party” in Sanctuary Collective. If you want in on that, join Sanctuary Collective before the webinar!
  • If you have questions you’d like us to address on the webinar, email connect@queertheology.com

This article was published by Brian Murphy