Faithful Sexuality: Building a Sexual Ethic That Fits 

A 4 week course + group discussion + workbook journey on how your faith and sexuality inform each other


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Here's what we're doing...

Who is this course for?

  • If you’ve been longing to put words to your ethics around sex & sexuality
  • If you’re struggling to unpack shame from a purity culture upbringing OR from internalizing homophobic or transphobic messages from society 
  • If you are wanting to know not only how your faith informs your sexuality, but how your sexuality can inform your faith
  • If you want to explore how your sexuality can give you insight into God  

What will it cover?

  • A basic overview of sex and the Bible Some teaching about how to discern what is right and wrong when it comes to sex
  • Some conversations about how to unpack shame and move toward healing
  • A deep dive into the creation of a sexual ethic that is informed by your faith (and moves you toward health and wholeness)
  • Conversations about how our sexuality can deepen our faith
  • Exercises that you can put into practice right away to heal from shame, reclaim your desires, and enrich your faith 

Who is this not for? What will it not cover?

  • The course isn't a replacement for therapy. If you need help finding a therapist, let us know! Because of this, this course will not be a deep dive into how to recover from trauma or abuse. (If you have those experiences you are absolutely welcome in the course and we're sure there will be others who share those experiences.)
  • We aren’t going to spend a ton of time on when and how to have sex (but that will be covered briefly)
  • We aren’t going to create a “one size fits all” approach to sex
  • While we will touch on asexuality and polyamory this course is not a deep dive into either  

What's Included

There's A LOT in here — we're including a bunch of different teaching and communiacting options so that you can learn and engage in the ways that are right for you. This is what you'll get

4 Weeks of Lessons

Each week, you'll get new materials: a video "lecture" — which includes both structured instruction and more casual conversation between Brian & Fr. Shay PLUS supplemental PDF lessons—readings, workbooks, and more—AND a weekly, interactive Q&A call

Weekly Q&A Calls + Group Discussions

Early in each week, in addition to the pre-recorded video lessons, Brian & Fr. Shay will host a 45-minute Q&A call to address questions on the week's materials plus anything else that is coming up in your faith and sexuality as you continue to move through the course.

There will also be a few opportunities for group video discussion throughout the course, in addition to our 24/7 discussion group in the app.

Questions can be pre-submitted and all sessions will be recorded so you can participate even if you can't attend live!

Interactive Online Community

Throughout the course — and after — you'll be part of a private Slack community to talk about the materials, ask questions, and share what comes up for you.  

You'll have easy, direct access to ask Brian and Fr. Shay questions as well as hear from other participants. This is a great way to stay connected betewen live sessions or if you can't attend any live still participate with the group.

Access to all of Sanctuary Collective

Your registration in Faithful Sexuality comes with all-inclusive access to everything inside of Sanctuary Collective for three months.  

An LGBTQ Christian Guide to Self Care, Walking Toward Resurrection: A Transgender Passion Narrative, a 6-week self-study course on how to read the BIble queerly, and so much more. 

Course Dates Feb 17 - Mar 15 

New lessons become available every Monday morning

Q&A calls are held weekly Sunday afternoons,

Exact times of live sessions will be determined after registration. Reminder: all live sessions are recorded and you can pre-submit questions if you can't join live.

Registration is closed

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Weekly Breakdown

Each week, in the course materials, Q&A call, and group discussions, we'll focus on a different area. This is the agenda. Or "syllabus" for you fancy folks ;) 

WEEK 1 Working through shame + Rediscovering ourselves, our bodies, and our desires Our bodies and our sexualities are a gift, but we've been told lies and separated from our goodness. We're gonan learn some new lessons & skills 

WEEK 3 The Nuts & Bolts of Creating A Sexual Ethic, Part 2 Discovering and articulating an overacrhing ethic (and what that means for you and your relatonships)  

WEEK 2 The Nuts & Bolts of Creating A Sexual Ethic, Part 1 Tools and tactics for uncovering your values, desires, and boundaries

WEEK 4 Seeing And Creating Sacred Connections In Sex How our sexuality pairs with the Gospel, enriches our understanding of it, and can be a faithful way of living into it.

PRE-COURSE BONUS What the Bible Says (and Doesn't Say) About Sex An exploration of the diverse Biblical messages about sex and, most importantly, discerning the role scripture should play in our sex lives

About Brian G. Murphy

Brian G. Murphy is an activist, educator, and certified relationship coach. He grew up evangelical Christian in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC and for the past decade has been engaged in faith-based activism and social justice work. He participated in the 2007 Soulforce Equality Ride, co-founded Legalize Trans*, and most recently partnered with Fr. Shannon Kearns to create Queer Theology. He's spoken about faith, sexuality, gender, and justice at dozens of colleges and conferences across the USA.

Brian has worked with dozens of LGBTQ+ and straight, cisgender Christians to navigate their relationships in healthy and faithful ways — from celibate to monogamous to polyamorous and all points in between.

About Fr. Shannon TL Kearns

Father Shannon T.L. Kearns is a writer, speaker, and theologian. He is the co-founder of Queer Theology. He is also the founder of Uprising Theatre Company. He graduated from Union Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity and is an ordained priest in the Old Catholic Church.  

Fr. Shay is a sought after speaker on queer theology, transgender issues, and the intersections of identity and faith. He’s been published in Geez Magazine, Lavender Magazine, Believe Out Loud, and the Huffington Post, and featured in The Advocate and the Star Tribune.

Reviews from Our Community 

"Hearing other's experiences and having my own feelings and experiences validated was definitely something that was meaningful to me. I truly appreciated some of the openness and honesty that I saw in the online group discussions."

- Jessica

“I’m so thankful that I signed up for this website and attended the Chrisianity & Polyamory course. The instructor did such an amazing job, and I’m so ready to do more courses from Queer Theology the future, too.”

- Sarah

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