Marriage Metaphors – Isaiah 62:1-5


Marriage as a metaphor for God’s relationship to us shows up again in this week’s lectionary reading from Isaiah. In this episode, we talk about the intersections of faith and sexuality, and how that plays out when it comes to marginalized people.

In this episode

Isaiah 62:1-5

Jerusalem, I will speak up
for your good.
I will never be silent
till you are safe and secure,
sparkling like a flame.
Your great victory will be seen
by every nation and king;
the Lord will even give you
a new name.
You will be a glorious crown,
a royal headband,
for the Lord your God.

Your name will no longer be
“Deserted and Childless,”
but “Happily Married.”
You will please the Lord;
your country
will be his bride.
Your people will take the land,
just as a young man
takes a bride.
The Lord will be pleased
because of you,
just as a husband is pleased
with his bride.

Photo by Caroline Veronez 

This article was published by Brian Murphy