New Year, New You


Happy New Year from Fr. Shay and Brian! In this week’s episode, we’re talking all about the start of the year and how to enter it with intention without setting a bunch of overwhelming resolutions. This might sound a bit “secular” but living with intention is important for our spiritual life as well, and we talk about that too.

It’s also time for this year’s Queer Theology Synchroblog! The prompt for this year is, “What does your queerness or transness call you to do and be in the world?” You can get all the info on how to participate at

And we’re just about to start a new book in Sanctuary Collective. This month, we’re reading Juliet Takes A Breath by Gaby Rivera. We’ve love for you to join us!

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Photo by T@H!R – طاھر

This article was published by Brian Murphy