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20,000 pastoral care emails… - Did you know that since started in 2015 we’ve received over 20,000 emails? Twenty. Thousand. And Brian and I have answered every single one. These emails often require deep levels of pastoral care; people are reaching out to us in the midst of depression, fear about coming out, or other crises. Or they are […]
A Sermon for All Souls - Tonight we celebrate All Saints and All Souls. These are actually two separate observances; one is a day to remember the official saints of the church and the other is a day to remember all of the people who have died. It’s one of my favorite feasts of the church. We live in a culture […]
I found the Garden of Eden - A few weeks ago, I was home in Maryland, visiting my mom who is having some health problems. I went on a walk one morning and remembered that I’d found the Garden of Eden not to far from my childhood home. Here’s what I mean… View this post on Instagram The Garden of Eden story […]
#BiWeek Bisexuality & Christian Homophobia - I’m bisexual and I was raised Evangelical Christian and today I want to talk about how Christian homophobia got in the way of me acknowledging and accepting my bisexuality. Growing up, the message that I got from the church and from Christian culture around me was that homosexuality was something that you did. Orientation was […]
Have You Ever Even Read The Bible? - An anonymous person (of course, they are always anonymous) sent me this message over on Tumblr. Normally I would ignore such things, but I felt that this one required a response. I apologize for bringing this up, but my conscience wouldn’t give me peace. Are you familiar with the Bible? If you follow Christianity and […]
To understand the Bible, it takes more than simply being LGBTQ and Christian - I know the Bible backwards and forwards. I grew up a conservative, evangelical Christian and “The Bible” occupied a central place in our faith life. From Bible stories in elementary school to Bible drills in junior high to Bible memory verses in high school, it was “the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the […]

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