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Building My Body. Building My Home. - I am twelve or thirteen and getting ready to head outside for a day of playing with my best friend, Chris. I throw on a t-shirt and shorts and am ready to run out the door when my mother pulls me aside. “You need to wear a bra”, she tells me, “go change before you […]
A Change of Heart Without A Change In Action Means Nothing - A couple of years ago I was in a production of The Laramie Project. Being in this production was meaningful to me because I remembered being a scared kid, just trying to come out when I saw the HBO movie. This felt full circle in some ways; I was out, I was happy. But at […]
What Promiscuity Taught Me about God’s Love - I learned about agape, God’s self-sacrificing love from a hookup. Actually, a few hookups. Actually, a lot of hookups. I could count, but we might be here awhile. I think a better use of our time would be for me to share what I learned. Because there’s something valuable for you to learn from promiscuity. What […]
How To Find Community After Leaving Church - A common thread I hear over and over from folks who have left the evangelical church (whether because their politics shifted or their faith shifted or they came out or they were forced out) is a sense of loneliness and a loss of community. People are grieving and missing what they have left and they […]
Mary: The Bad Ass Mother Of God - We often talk about Mary only at Christmas time, complete with images of her with the baby Jesus, for cutesy pictures depicting a blond haired blue eyed mother and baby, for sanctimonious sermons about peace and hope and love. We mash up the biblical narratives and tell a story of angels and shepherds and patient […]
Transgender Youth at Overnight Camps and Retreats - When I do trainings about transgender youth in particular (but sometimes LGBQ youth in general) one of the main questions has to do with overnight retreats/camps and lodging. As in “What the heck do we do with these queer and trans kids overnight”? On the one hand I get it: we all want to protect […]

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