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#BiWeek Bisexuality & Christian Homophobia - I’m bisexual and I was raised Evangelical Christian and today I want to talk about how Christian homophobia got in the way of me acknowledging and accepting my bisexuality. Growing up, the message that I got from the church and from Christian culture around me was that homosexuality was something that you did. Orientation was […]
Have You Ever Even Read The Bible? - An anonymous person (of course, they are always anonymous) sent me this message over on Tumblr. Normally I would ignore such things, but I felt that this one required a response. I apologize for bringing this up, but my conscience wouldn’t give me peace. Are you familiar with the Bible? If you follow Christianity and […]
To understand the Bible, it takes more than simply being LGBTQ and Christian - I know the Bible backwards and forwards. I grew up a conservative, evangelical Christian and “The Bible” occupied a central place in our faith life. From Bible stories in elementary school to Bible drills in junior high to Bible memory verses in high school, it was “the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the […]
Building a Bible-Based Faith (That Isn’t Terrible) - “Test everything; hold fast what is good.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:21 When I first started to realize that I was attracted to guys, a tiny crack appeared in my faith: how could a loving God knit me together in my mother’s womb then give me these desires for love, intimacy, and family with no righteous […]
Building My Body. Building My Home. - I am twelve or thirteen and getting ready to head outside for a day of playing with my best friend, Chris. I throw on a t-shirt and shorts and am ready to run out the door when my mother pulls me aside. “You need to wear a bra”, she tells me, “go change before you […]
A Change of Heart Without A Change In Action Means Nothing - A couple of years ago I was in a production of The Laramie Project. Being in this production was meaningful to me because I remembered being a scared kid, just trying to come out when I saw the HBO movie. This felt full circle in some ways; I was out, I was happy. But at […]

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