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Mary: The Bad Ass Mother Of God - We often talk about Mary only at Christmas time, complete with images of her with the baby Jesus, for cutesy pictures depicting a blond haired blue eyed mother and baby, for sanctimonious sermons about peace and hope and love. We mash up the biblical narratives and tell a story of angels and shepherds and patient […]
Transgender Youth at Overnight Camps and Retreats - When I do trainings about transgender youth in particular (but sometimes LGBQ youth in general) one of the main questions has to do with overnight retreats/camps and lodging. As in “What the heck do we do with these queer and trans kids overnight”? On the one hand I get it: we all want to protect […]
Your Body Is Good: A Resurrection Sermon - A sermon based on John 20:24-29 given at Queer Grace Community in Minneapolis. Growing up I received all sorts of weird messages about my body. And not just my body but bodies in general. I grew up in a very conservative church that had a lot of ideas about what it meant to be someone in a […]
What I’ve Learned From My Polyamorous Friends - I am not polyamorous. As a pretty extreme introvert the thought of being polyamorous makes me feel exhausted. So when Brian proposed creating some resources for polyamorous Christians my first thought was “Sure. Won’t be much help to me, but go for it.” But as I’ve been privy to the resources he’s been creating and […]
To LGBTQ Kids with Unaffirming Parents: You Deserve Better - This message is co-authored by Fr. Shay & Brian Fr. Shay:I know all too well the sting of hearing “I love you, but I just can’t support your lifestyle”. The way that sting sinks deeply into your gut and pierces your heart. The way it makes you question what love really is. And I understand […]
No, QCF, it’s not “possible to have a healthy relationship with your child” if you don’t affirm them - On Thursday, Q Christian Fellowship published a blog post, which they also promoted via their email list, with a message directed at parents with “traditional” theology; that is, parents who believe that being LGBTQ or leading an open and authentic LGBTQ life is sinful. Before publishing a response here, we spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday […]

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