Why you should read the Bible queerly


In this episode we talk about…

  • We’re heading to Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, NC.  If you’ll be there, come to our session “Queering The Gospel” at 10am on Saturday in The Landing. Session info here: wildgoosefestival.org/sessions17-78
  • Our theme for the month is “Reading the Bible Queerly” — look at for articles, a webinar, and more on this topic!
  • The short story of Shay’s long and winding relationship to the Bible
  • The ways in which exalting (a certain interpretation of) the Bible above all else can fail us — and dishonor the Bible
  • Reading & Teaching the Bible to find “the right answer” vs reading & teaching the Bible to engage the text
  • Brian’s story of trying to figure out if it’s ok to be gay and Christian
  • Moving beyond isolated verses to see the complete story of God in the Bible
  • Tune in next week for the “brass tacks” of how to tell your story — recorded live at Wild Goose
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This article was published by Brian Murphy