How do you justify Romans? LGBT Clobber Passage


We got an email recently asking how to understand Romans 1 and whether that passage means that it’s not ok to LGBTQ and Christian.

They wrote,

This for me is the hardest passage to wrap my head around. I understand with the other passages there are translation issues and so on but Romans seems pretty straight forward to me.

I don’t understand how to move past this passage. When I read it, it seems pretty clear to me that being gay is seen as unnatural and wrong. I have read so many articles on the 7 clobber passages but I am never satisfied with the “justification” to being gay of Romans. Do you have any resources or advice on how I can understand this better?

Here’s what Brian had to say in response:

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Show Notes

What does the Bible say about being LGBTQ? An apologetics resource guide + email series

Brian’s first time looking at what the Bible says about homosexuality:

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