Reading Queerly

Reading Queerly is a six-week online course which guides you through the process of approaching faith from a queer perspective, and to find fresh ways to find yourself in the story of faith. The course will look primarily at the Christian scriptures — though, you by no means need to be Christian or LGBTQ to participate!

This isn’t an academic course, it’s not an overview of the history of queer theology.

This is an invitation to read Scripture with new eyes, to journey into the heart of the stories and to write our own stories overtop.

How does Reading Queerly work?

Reading Queerly is a six-week online course. Each week, you’ll get access to a new unit of content: video content, reading materials, questions for reflection, and–for some units–even a bit of homework.

Each lesson within Reading Queerly also features a discussion section where you will interact with other course participants as well as Reading Queerly instructors Brian G. Murphy and Fr. Shay Kearns.

What do you get with Reading Queerly?

  • Exclusive six-week online course exploring how to queer theology: how to approach faith from a queer perspective and how to find yourself in the Christian narrative.
    • Week 1: Genealogy and Inclusion
    • Week 2: Purity and Contamination
    • Week 3: Resistance & Conformity
    • Week 4: Coming Out
    • Week 5: Crucifixion & Resurrection
    • Week 6: Restoration
  • Rich course content. Over the six week course, you’ll receive 6 units, with 20 lessons,  15+ videos, reflection questions, downloadable workbooks and resources, and discussion section for each lesson.
  • Interactive sessions. Fr. Shay Kearns and Brian Murphy will host Hangouts On-Air to answer your questions and dig deeper into the topics covered in the course. There will also be opportunities to participate in exclusive, members-only Google Hangouts.
  • Locked-in, one-time price. The Reading Queerly course will never be this inexpensive again. Because the course is an online course, we will add new content over time and as participants engage in discussion, the experience will become even richer. When you signup today, you get access for life. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground level, the value–and price–will only increase over time.

Who is Reading Queerly for?

Reading Queerly is for you if you want to dive deeper into faith and explore what Christian theology has to offer queer people–and what queer people have to bring to the Christian faith. The class is higher-education-agnostic, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t graduated high school or you have a masters in theology — Reading Queerly is personal, we deeply believe that each one of us has something vital to bring to the table — and you’re invited to explore that with us.

Who is Reading Queerly not for?

Reading Queerly is not for you if you want a verse by verse apologetics for why it’s “not a sin” to be gay or transgender. We will not be focusing on the so-called “Clobber Passages.”

Reading Queerly is also not for you if you’re looking for an academic dissection of queer theology or a historical overview of the discipline. We are going to be creating queer theology, not just studying it.

How can you sign up for Reading Queerly?

The class costs $78 and you can pay online, securely right here. Click here to register now. You are also welcome to pay three monthly installments of $26.

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I’ve got a question!

If you’ve any additional questions about Reading Queerly–whether it’s about the content, processing your payment, or something else entirely, please reach out. You can email and we’ll get back to you in a jiff. You can also tweet at Brian (@begeem) or Shay (@anarchistrev)