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LGBTQ Christian Resources

At Queer Theology we’ve developed a ton of resources over the years. On this page we’ve got them organized by topic so you can find exactly what you’re looking for exactly when you need it. From asking if it’s okay to be LGBTQ to navigating sex and relationships to finding a church. You need support? You can find it here.

Is it ok to be LGBTQ? | Transgender & Christian | Christian Fundamentals & How To Read The BibleSex & Relationships | Self Care | Coming Out | Making your church more inclusive | Community | Politics & Activism

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Is it ok to be LGBTQ?

How can you know if it’s okay to be LGBTQ? How do you navigate the Bible passages? How can you be 100% sure you’re on the right path? Dig into these resources and set your mind at ease.

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Transgender & Christian

Trans issues are different than LGB issues and so we’ve created resources for trans folks and people who want to support trans folks. Everything from “What does the Bible say?” to encouragement when you’re feeling discouraged.

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Christian Fundamentals & How To Read the Bible

What does it mean to be a Christian? How can you grow in your spiritual life? And how does it all intersect with being queer/trans? In this collection of resources we go “Back to the Basics” to answer those questions and more.

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Sex & Relationships

Sex can be tricky. And, if you’re a Christian, you might be overwhelmed and confused by all of the different messages about sex. When can you have it? Who can you have it with? What behaviours are acceptable? Dive into this section for resources about sex and relationships.

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Self Care

What does self care mean and what does it look like? How do you create healthy self care practices in your life? In this section you’ll find resources for creating an ethic of self care.

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Unaffirming Families

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Coming Out

Coming out is scary. In this collection of resources you’ll find inspiration and advice for navigating the coming out process.

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Making your church more inclusive

Your church is welcoming and affirming but how do you make sure that it’s really, truly inclusive? In this section you’ll find checklists, resources, and tips for making your worshipping community a truly inclusive space.

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How do I find community? What does an inclusive community look like? How do I make community where I am? Resources, advice, and more.

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Politics of Jesus & Faith-Based Activism

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LGBTQ Christian Resource Starter Kit

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25+ resources to support your journey as an LGBTQ Christian or straight, cisgender supporter. Plus, an international community to support and encourage you in faith and life — questions and doubts welcome! Learn more