Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Queer Theology! If you’re new here you probably have a lot of questions about how this site runs, who’s in charge of it, and other things! We collected some of our most frequently asked questions into this guide.

Theological FAQs

For questions like “Is it okay to be LGBTQ?” “What does the Bible say about sex?” And anything else that might be theological in nature, head over to our Resources page. There you’ll find articles and resources broken down by topic.

Who runs this site?

This site is run by Brian G. Murphy and Fr. Shannon TL Kearns. For more about us check out the About page.

Can I write for your site?

At this point we do not accept submissions. However! Every year we run a thing called a “Synchroblog” where we invite anyone who wants to to write on a certain topic and then we link them all together. That is a great way to share some of your writing and have it highlighted here. If you’d like to be notified when the next synchroblog is scheduled, signup here.

Can I republish your content?

You may republish an excerpt of up to 200 words and then link back to the original, full piece. Please make sure that any excerpts are attributed to us. You can feel free to retweet/reblog/share our social media posts but we ask that you do not copy and paste without linking back and/or tagging us to provide credit.

Are you available to do interviews?

Yes! We love doing interviews! To connect with us, send us an email at and we’ll make it happen! (Please let us know if you have a deadline so that we can respond in time)

Will you come to church/school/conference to speak?

Absolutely! Check out our speaking page for more information about what we offer and then send us an email: to start the conversation.

I really want to join Sanctuary Collective but I can’t afford it. Do you have scholarships?

Unfortunately we do not offer scholarships. Sanctuary Collective is what keeps the lights on for the rest of the site. Having that as a paid offering allows us to continue to offer the many other resources we offer for free like articles, podcasts, and more.

I really want to support your work, how can I help?

That’s amazing! And we are so grateful for your support. You can help by making a donation to keep the site running, sharing the page on your social media, forwarding our emails or telling your friends, and inviting us to speak at your church/school/organization. You can also join Sanctuary Collective!

How can I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to join Sanctuary Collective. Sanctuary Collective is where we invest the most of our time and energy and it’s a wonderful place to get support, deepen your faith, and learn more. You can also interact with us on social media, and participate in our yearly synchroblog.

Can you help my church/school/organization be more inclusive?

Definitely. We have a bunch of resources already available and we are also available to do consulting either one-on-one with church leadership or in a more formal setting (like a church retreat for your council or deacons). To find out more, send us an email.