The Gospel can be liberating and life-saving for LGBTQ Christians — and LGBTQ Christians can be lifesaving for the Church

Queer Theology’s founding belief is this: LGBTQ Christians have more to offer the Church—and the world—than simply defending ourselves against what we are not.

“It’s OK to be LGBTQ and Christian” is the starting point, not the finish line.

For the past few years we’ve been working to fill a desperate need: sharing a message that is unapologetically queer and unapologetically Christian, creating space for LGBTQ Christians to be their full, complicated, nuanced, sometimes messy selves, and providing pastoral care to LGBTQ Christians — and the people who love and serve them.

The results have been remarkable:

  • We’ve published over 200 episodes of our weekly LGBTQ Bible podcast
  • We’ve reached hundreds of thousands of people through our website, podcast, mailing list, and social media
  • Over 1,000 people have gone through our courses on learning how to accept themselves (or a loved one) as LGBTQ, how to more fully integrate queerness and Christianity, and on self-care for LGBTQ Christians
  • We’ve worked with pastors on integrating LGBTQ themes into sermons, parents on how to support their child’s coming out, teens sorting through their gender, and more
  • We’ve touched lives in places from the Philippines to Philadelphia, India to Indiana, Nigeria to New York, and so many others in between

We are accomplishing two critical goals:

  1. helping LGBTQ Christians liberate themselves from destructive theology, harmful relationships, and internalized shame;
  2. all while changing hearts and minds of straight, cisgender people along the way.
Photos of Shay and Brian podcasting, a community member wearing a God Is Love shirt, and Brian and Shay with a group of young adults after a keynote address

We need your help to keep going.

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Queer Theology is a time-consuming, and increasingly expensive, labor of love.

From Day 1, we’ve been self-supporting, offering paid courses, resources, and community to help underwrite our work while keeping the vast majority of what we produce free of cost — even funding it ourselves when we need to.

Now, we need to be honest with you — and ask for your help.

When you add up things like hosting, the email list, and other necessary tools, it costs over $400 each month just to keep the proverbial lights on.

That doesn’t even include all the hours of work we put into creating content, maintaining the site, and, most importantly, serving the community. Those are hours we aren’t able to work on other, paying projects. We each spend at least 30 hours a month — and sometimes closer to 100 hours a month — working on Queer Theology.

There’s a lot you can see: our daily affirmation emails, the articles and videos we produce, and our encouraging social media content. Plus there’s a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes: comforting and counseling folks through email and direct message, studying & researching, planning out ways to continue serving the community — and the wider Church and world — and just the day-to-day planning and management it takes to run a project of this size.

We’re donating a lot of time, energy, experience, and labor to this project and if we could be compensated for a portion of that, it would mean that we can continue to give Queer Theology much of our attention — and even more going forward.

We want to be clear: Queer Theology isn’t going anywhere. We are committed to this project and committed to you. We also want to remember that we don’t have to go at it alone, that we can do this together, that you might want to be part of Queer Theology in an even deeper way by helping to support the project.

This is an especially great opportunity for straight, cisgender supporters who are excited that this resource exists, don’t need the paid resources we offer, but want to support the work!

So here’s how you can help …

  • Donate today — in any amount — to help support Queer Theology. When you click donate, you’ll see a few suggested amounts and what that covers, but you can give any amount you’d like
  • Ask people in your life who care about you and this work to donate — maybe that’s a friend, parent, or pastor
  • Share your favorite article or podcast on social media — the more people who are part of the Queer Theology community, the easier it is for us to support each other
  • Help bring us to speak! Ask your church, school, or community group to bring Brian & Fr. Shay to speak. Paid speaking gigs help to support our work.

We’re glad you’re here and we’re thankful for your support in whatever ways you can give it.

Together, we got this.

If you’d like to continue supporting Queer Theology over the long-term, you can set your donation to monthly (for instance, you might cover the podcast hosting or mailing list cost each month)

We’re honored to serve in this way, we’re thankful for your support, and we’re excited for what’s to come.

– Brian G. Murphy & Fr. Shannon TL Kearns

P.S. Here’s just a sampling of the messages we’ve received:

Some days y’all really keep me going. – Dan

I want you to know that it’s been a powerful relief to discover Queer Theology. One of the hardest parts about discovering in midlife that I am not so straight is that it has left me feeling cut off from my faith and the community of Christians. At least here, in this corner of the internet, I’m not alone. – Laura

Thanks to you, I’ve understood that faith and sexuality are not separate and distinct, but rather intertwined into our human experience of God and the world. – Max


 Queer Theology is a way for me to reconcile my love for Christ and identity as a transgender Christian. – Kathryn, Washington



THANK YOU for the work, the mails and everything you’re doing at Queer Theology. You’ve helped me a lot since I joined you. – Anthony-Mario, Kenya


Queer Theology has been a place where I can explore deeply without ever having to apologize for my either my queerness or my Christianity or even for my doubts. My whole self is welcome. – Mandie, Illinois


As I explored my transition from female to male, I grew distant from my faith. I came to Queer Theology after I transitioned to regain that connection between spirituality and my transness. – Brandon, Texas