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Letters of Love:
A Mother & Son's Conversation on Coming Out Transgender

Micah was raised in a loving, conservative Christian family but as he grew older, his relationship with his family dwindled. With this powerful collection of emails, Micah shares the conversations that he had with his mother while coming out as transgender.

We hope these emails can help you — no matter where you're coming from.


What You'll Find in "Letters of Love"

Loving, grace-filled dialogue is possible

You'll see in page after page, email after emaili that the common thread connecting all of Micah's and his mother's emails is love. Despite deep, sometimes painful disagreements, they manage to find a way to stay committed to love and grace.

You don't need to sacrifice yourself to stay in communication

Giving into another person's anti-LGBTQ worldview can feel easier than "confrontation" in the moment, but over time it slowly chips at your soul. You'll see how Micah manages to stay in communication, pours out love, and holds out hope ... all while staying true to himself and keeping his boundaries. 

The ending isn't always clear

"Letters of Love" would be much more popular if it outlined a step-by-step process for moving someone "over to your side" of the LGBTQ issues within Christianity divide. But you know that life isn't as simple and you're committed to the process of working it out. You'll see that change is possible, but it doesn't always get tied up with a neat and tidy bow.

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What Other People Think

  • This series of letters isn't just a beacon of hope for LGBTQ people. It's also a master class in communication that allows space for growth. I was fortunate to have a family who turned out to be ready to accept me by the time I came out as queer, but I wish I had read these letters when I was trying to figure out how they might respond. They would have given me hope and reduced the fear that I can still remember feeling when I hit send on my own coming out email. 


    If only every conversation between people who understand the world in entirely different ways could happen with this much love, respect, and honesty.

    Karen Coverett

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada