A Guide To Recovering From Fundamentalism

or, How I Recovered From Fundamentalism and Still Managed To Save My Soul


A Guide to Recovering From Fundamentalism by Fr. Shannon T.L. KearnsWhat do you do when the faith you’ve always known just doesn’t make sense anymore?

A Guide to Recovering From Fundamentalism blends personal experience with pastoral advice as you work to reclaim and rebuild (or recover from) your faith.

Shay says,

This is the story of how I recovered from fundamentalism while rebuilding my faith along the way. I want to share the resources that got me through the rebuilding phase: books and music that made me feel less alone, the tips and tricks that kept me sane.

Not everything in here will resonate with you, and that’s okay.

There isn’t any one way to do this. But if you are feeling like your faith is bursting at the seams, if the God you have been taught to believe in seems more like a tyrant than a friend, if you are feeling weary and worn out, then may this provide you some comfort.

And most of all, may this let you know you are not alone.