How do you reconcile Christianity with an LGBTQ identity? Queer Theology provides a supportive community and in-depth resources for queer Christians and straight supporters.

Do you have this sense that there is more to being LGBTQ than simply what we are not. Not sick, not sinful, not what Leviticus is talking about, not dishonoring God with our transition. So do we.

That’s what queer theology is all about: uncovering and celebrating the gifts that LGBTQ people bring to the Church and the world and the ways in which Christianity has always been queer.

You’ll find a variety of resources—articles, podcasts, magazines, online courses—that meet you where you are and push you to go deeper.

Affirmation. Delivered.

Every weekday, we send out a queer-inclusive affirmation—a quote, scripture passage, song lyric... anything that inspires us—along with a few reflection questions.

Rah Carter

I know that God loves me and wants me to carry forward Christ's love and care into the world. I am transgender because God wanted this and anyone who is uncomfortable with my core being is refusing to accept God's creation and will. Queer Theology is a way for me to reconcile my love for Christ and identity as a transgender Christian.

Kathryn Mahan

Emmett Jean

Queer Theology is providing a platform for soul inquiry which is accessible, readable, and doesn't feel like a crash-course in seminary. Its resources read like I think, like my friends and I talk, and it's doing theology in a way that feels very human and humane. Shay and Brian have done a lot of work to pry the floorboards off of the mainstream conversation about queer faith (like the "clobber passages" and focusing on single-issue problems like marriage), in order to do much more foundational work

Emmett Jenn

Bridget Malia

Queer Theology is quite simply, a space to be me—no compromise, no hiding.

Bridget Malia
Pronouns: She or He

Max Rodriguez Gomez

Queer Theology is a place to find resources to better understand how sexual and gender diversity fit within a Christian worldview. More than that, it is an affirming community where I've discovered how my queerness not only informs but affirms my faith. Thanks to you, I've understood that faith and sexuality are not separate and distinct, but rather intertwined into our human experience of God and the world.

Max Rodriguez Gomez

As a married gay man and priest of the Episcopal Church, I would like to thank you for your contribution to GLBT safety in the wider society and the church. And for reminding us of the safety and freedom to love as God has given us the ability to do.

Carlton Kelley+
Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church