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Start your morning inspired

Each weekday, we'll send you a Bible passage, powerful quote, or moving song lyric along with a few questions for journaling or reflection. These Daily Affirmations are curated just for you and serve as an excellent way to start your morning centered and inspired.

If you ever had a "Daily Quiet Time" as part of your spiritual practice, Daily Affirmations provide an LGBTQ-inclusive way for you to continue that practice. And if you've never heard of that, you'll experience the power of starting your morning with intention.

They're sure to touch your heart and soul.


Here's what some other LGBTQ Christians have to say about
Daily Affirmations

"I LOVE the daily affirmations. I love how it gives me encouragement, insight, or a challenge every weekday in just one short snippet. I love being exposed to all different kinds of authors and books and people from throughout the world and throughout time. I love how much the quotes have strengthened my gut feeling and also expanded my understanding. Makes me wish everyone received these! I save most of my Daily Affirmations because I want to be able to access and use these quotes for some of my sermons."

Nikole Mitchell

"Queer Theology is a place to find resources to better understand how sexual and gender diversity fit within a Christian worldview. More than that, it is an affirming community where I've discovered how my queerness not only informs but affirms my faith. Thanks to you, I've understood that faith and sexuality are not separate and distinct, but rather intertwined into our human experience of God and the world."

Max Rodriguez Gomez

No matter where you read them, Daily Affirmations will challenge and inspire you

But why...?

We created Queer Theology's Daily Affirmations because we remembered the power of ritual that a daily practice of working through a devotional brought us. But too often, those devotionals leave out LGBTQ people. Sometimes they're explicitly anti-queer, sometimes they are gendered to a fault. And almost always they dont speak to the unique and rich lives of LGBTQ Christians.

We wanted a daily devotional for us, by us. So we created one.

Every weekday morning we send out an email with a short passage—sometimes it's a quote, other times a song lyric, sometimes a passage from a book, other times it's from the Bible—and with it we give you a few questions for reflection. You can think on them silently, write about them in a journal, or even talk about them with a friend. However you use them, we know that they will challenge and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Hundreds of LGBTQ Christians around the world are already receiving these prompts each day. We'd love to add you to the list.

Peace & blessings,
Brian & Fr. Shay

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