Queer Theology Synchroblog 2017: Identity


It’s time for the 6th annual Queer Theology Synchroblog! (that’s right, we’ve been doing this since before queertheology.com was born!). Today, we’re announcing the date and the theme!

Here’s how it works:

On JANUARY 25, we ask everyone in the community to post something around a particular theme. You can write an essay or a poem, make a video, record a song; anything you can dream up! Just post it on the the 25th, come back here and add a link to your offering, and you’ll be included in the roundup.

This year’s theme for the Synchroblog is “Identity”!

What does our faith have to tell us about our identity and our identity about our faith? What have you learned from your identities that has deepened your faith? How does your queer and/or transgender identities influence how you see God and the world? How does your queerness intersect with other important identities?

This is all about positive theology. No need for apologetics here. We don’t need posts about why queer identities are okay. This is all about claiming the belief that queer people have more to offer the world than what we are not.

How has your queer identity enriched your faith? What has it taught you about the way you choose to act in the world? How was your queer identity challenged your faith? What does it even mean for you to identify as queer? How do you see your faith identity and your queer identity work in concert or in contrast?

These are just some prompts to get you started. You are free to write about whatever comes to mind.

If you don’t have a blog but would like to post something, let us know and we’ll try to find you a host. If you are a straight/cisgender person and would like to offer your blog as a host site, please let us know and we’ll connect you with someone who needs a place to write.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions, please check it out before asking something, however if your question isn’t answered either comment or send us an email and we’ll help you sort it out.

 This year’s submissions!

“THE RECURRING QUESTION or Very Random Thoughts on the Theme of Identity” by Neil Ellis Orts

“Who Am I?” by Brandon L. Beck

“Would I be considered a Gay Apostle” (video) by TheKSource

“Identity Politics Is How I Survive” by Fr. Shannon Kearns

“Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid” by Fr. Rick Lopez

“Intersecting Identities — Queer Theology and the Ethiopian Eunuch” by Peterson Toscano

The Queer Virtue Take On Identity (video) by Rev. Liz Edman

“Identity.” by Laura Jesson

On The Changing Of Your Name by River Cook Needham

“My Queer Identity in Christ” by Dan Wilson

“I am a Child of God. A Butch Lesbian Child of God” by Carolyn Wysinger

“Behold the Nipple of Christ” by Ophelia Hu Kinney

“Goodbye GLBG (Good Little Baptist Girl)” by Karen Coverett

This list will be updated throughout the day. Add your own submission by leaving a comment below and we’ll add it here.

Got questions? We’ve got answers:

Okay, now on to the nitty gritty of how it works and some frequently asked questions:

What is a “Synchroblog”?
A synchroblog is when a group of people all write about the same topic on the same day and post it to their personal blogs.

How do I participate?
When you’ve written your post, make sure to include a link to this post in yours and post a comment including a link on this post. On January 25 we will compile all the links and and we’ll get it rolling! On the 25th, once our post with the links of all participating goes up it would be great if you would edit your post to include the links to all of the others participating (as that’s what makes a synchroblog really work)!

Can I make a video instead of writing a post?
Yes! Absolutely. Either embed the video into a blog post and send us that link, or send us the link to the video.

Do I have to be a theologian/academic/Christian?
No, no, and no! While QueerTheology.com focuses on Christian theology, this synchroblog is open to anyone who wants to write on the topic! Offer a personal reflection, a poem, or a video. Write about this from a Jewish perspective, from a Muslim perspective, from a Pagan perspective. If the topic of “Identities” doesn’t resonate with you, or if you feel that queer theology isn’t important then maybe this synchroblog isn’t for you, but that’s totally your call.

I’m not queer or trans*, can I write a post?
We would really love for folks who want to be in solidarity with the queer and trans* community to use this opportunity to signal boost the voices of queer and trans* people. We would love for you to have a queer or trans* friend write a guest post for your blog, interview a queer or trans* friend about how their faith has been deepened by being queer, etc. And of course, we want you to read along and be inspired by the participants.

I don’t have a blog, can I still participate?
If you don’t have a blog but would like to participate, please send us an email and we’ll work something out!

Can I see an example of this Synchroblog thing?
Yup! If you want to get a better sense of what this look likes, check out a past synchroblogs:

  • 2015 – Sex & Bodies
  • 2014 – Coming & Going
  • 2013 – Queer Creation
  • 2012 – The Queer God
  • 2011 – The original Queer Theology synchroblog

I’m still confused: What do I do (or my question wasn’t answered here)?
Send us an email to connect@queertheology.com and we’ll try to walk you through it.

This article was published by Brian Murphy