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Queer Theology’s Queer Lectionary Podcast gives you an LGBTQ perspective on a different Bible passage … every single week

Too often, the same 7 “clobber passages” are all that’s discussed when it comes to LGBT lives and issues. We are more than what we are not.Each week at Queer Theology, we take a passage from the upcoming Sunday’s lectionary and share a queer perspective on it. We think that looking at what Bible passages might say for LGBT people and what LGBT people might bring to passages are both important.

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Rah Carter

“I first discovered Queer Theology as I browsed iTunes, on a whim, for queer themed podcasts.. As I listened I found myself falling in love with theology for the first time in my life. It was the catalyst for me being able to begin to fully connect myself as a queer person, with theology, the Bible, and social justice.”

Rah Carter

“I love the Queer Theology podcast and I look forward to it every week. Sometimes, I really need to hear some good news, and frequently this podcast has some really good news for (and from) queer people. I’m grateful that Shay and Brian tackle hard passages and the bad theology that clings to them. Keep up the good work!”

Moose Flores, M.Div.

“The queer lectionary podcast demonstrates how the Bible is relevant and revelatory for queer people, and stretches my perceptions of the usefulness of reading the Bible.”

Emmett Jean

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