Resurrecting Faith
Leaving behind a theology of death and creating a faith that gives you life

From Fr. Shay…

After I left the church of my childhood I felt adrift. Alone. Confused. I still believed in Jesus, I was still a Christian, but I didn’t know how to build a faith that was both life giving and healthy.

There were no roadmaps. No signs pointing the way. There was an occasional fellow traveler that I would meet and we would swap stories before going our separate ways. But for the bulk of my journey I was alone.

After I had done the hard work and put my faith back together I wanted to create a resource for others so that they wouldn’t have to be as alone as I was. So I wrote Resurrecting Faith. It’s full of personal stories, activities, ideas, and things to think through.

I hope it helps you on your journey to building a life giving faith.

Resurrecting Faith is included with a Sanctuary Collective membership. You can also purchase it standalone below…