a digital magazine wrestling with the reality of faith

Our lives are not so easily divisible:
soul & body // sacred &famp; profane // righteous & sinfulSpit & Spirit seeks not just to uncover whether it’s ok to be gay/bi/trans* but also what LGBTQ people have to bring to the table of faith and spirituality.

Our lives are complex, complicated, messy even.This is especially true for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people as we seek to sort out the difference between what the spirit tells us and what society tells us — for better or for worse — about our lives, loves, bodies, faith, and humanity.

We’d like to introduce you to Spit & Spirit

spit-spirit-displaySpit & Spirit is a monthly digital magazine wrestling with the reality of faith. If you’d like a free copy of issue 1 FAITH (DOUBT), enter your name and email. We’ll also keep you posted on future issues and give you early access and special discounts.

Spit and Spirit is like a warm blanket, a kiss from a lover, a hug from a friend, and a shove off the plank into a sea of gratitude. It broadens the definitions and labels we place on ourselves in the queer community and I am so glad it exists.
Billy Flood

The writing in Spit and Spirit has a powerful prophetic voice and a compassionate pastoral presence. I read as an ally to learn from and support my queer friends, a pastor who wants to minister better to all people, and as a fellow human being wrestling through life and faith.

When I read Spit and Spirit I am moved, challenged, and encouraged. I find fellow travelers on the journey. I see my own experience through a transformative lens. The redemptive power, love, and justice of God is so clear in this ministry. God’s work is being done here, folks! It’s very exciting to see.

Rev Kristen “Jo” Nivling

I’d just like to say that I absolutely love this first magazine. I love that it makes being queer central and tells stories of people who wouldn’t change that part of themselves. I love that it includes an atheist. I love that it doesn’t just say “I went through the shadow of doubt, but now I love Jesus more” but instead tells the story of people who went in other ways. These different stories struck me as honest without trying to manipulate. And they spoke truth to my experience.

So thank you. I look forward to what comes next.
Becca D.