How you can know that it's really OK to be LGBTQ and Christian

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If you ever wonder "Is it really ok to be LGBTQ and Christian" or you could use some more resources to feel solid in your understanding—and ability to share with others—you are not alone.

We put together a 7-Day series offering you the very best support and guidance so that you can know and believe that God loves and affirm LGBTQ people (our bodies and sexualities most definitely included).

Whether you're struggling to accept yourself, you have a friend or family member who you want to love but don't know if you can "accept," or if you could just use a little extra info so that you can feel more secure in conversations about LGBTQ Christian issues, this series is a great place for you to start.

We're gonna cover...

   - Feeling confused and isolated
   - What to do with doubts and questions
   - How you can know "what the Bible says" and where God's heart is on this
   - What to do when others don't understand you
   - Where to find others like you + supportive community
   - How heaven and hell fits into all of this
   - And what might come next in deepening your faith and continuing on your journey of exploring LGBTQ issues in Christianity

Two short responses

We get emails every day from folks who have been helped by our resources. Here's two super short ones.

You have no idea how much this is helping me! I have been trying to look for something like this for a year.

Thank you so much!!


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you Brian!!! What I just read is powerful and I believe anointed. Keep up the good work!!!


Witchita, Kansas, USA

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